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Letter from the President:

Welcome and Congratulations!

Choosing Elicit Fitness is the first big step to a lifetime of natural highs through maximum physical and mental health. Now that you have decided to train with us for a continually improving quality of life, the next step is consistency. As you start to internalize the concept of consistency, you will look forward to keeping up your routine over time. And each of our certified personal trainers has the expertise and experience to show you how to accomplish your fitness goals without developing pattern overload or injuries. The next step is to embrace the new you. Elicit Fitness will show you how, with proven techniques and strategies for staying focused and productive. If you ever feel yourself starting to fall backwards or resuming bad habits, the certified personal trainers at Elicit Fitness can help get you back on track, turning a negative into a positive.The last step is to have fun. When your work out becomes a bore or chore, it will be no more. As you will soon be experiencing for yourself, nobody makes fitness fun like Elicit Fitness!

Thank you and welcome once again.

Yours sincerely,
Ena Easter

Danielle Haller
Member Services

Danielle is a part of the member support team at Elicit Fitness. She assists with administrative work and enjoys helping individuals reach their fitness goals by encouraging healthy living solutions.

BA in Individualized Studies - Marketing and Business and Family Social Sciences.